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Hello! Here is a gift of music! It’s called ‘Ephemeral’ (which means temporary, or “lasting only a day”…it’s the opposite of ‘Eternal’ and captures the essence of how precious every little moment is, and to enjoy it to the fullest) and i began working on it over ten years ago. Each song off the upcoming record is totally unique from the other songs, representing one specific point across a very diverse spectrum. There is of course hard vs soft, deep vs wild, ugly vs pretty, dark vs light, noise vs beauty, and so on ;) This song represents one of the warmest, softest, sweetest directions of my love affair with music: when it is light, and whimsical, and emotional - and reminds me to be grateful for every last detail in life. You can do whatever you want with this song: share it with friends or family, or hoard it for yourself, whatever you feel. Thanks and Enjoy! - Lorin

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